A trip to Lapland


In February 2017 we ventured to Swedish Lapland with friends, to see the Northern Lights.


That was an unusually warm winter but we were still going to face around -15 degrees (which itself sounded exciting)

We flew to Stockholm, spent the afternoon there as we missed the connection, and then to Kiruna where they picked us up and drove us for another hour or so. 

We arrived at the Aurora Mountain Lodge near Lannavaara.

Aurora Mountain Lodge is a very nice place, the main building hosts the dining area, lounge for guests and storage. We slept in one of their cosy huts (it used to be  a cookery school if I recall correctly, with accommodation for students). 
Activities include husky tours, snowmobile tours, arctic horseback riding, snowshoeing and top quality Northern Lights activities.

Thinking back now, it feels like we spent there a week but it was just 3 nights.

We did not get to see the northern lights eventually (too cloudy) but had anamazing time with dog-sledding, snow mobile and a sweating cross country ski expedition. 

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