Before visiting Stockholm I thought it was a city a bit cold and gray, but already after the first hours spent in the city I realized that I was wrong. Stockholm is a joyful and lively city. From the airport of Arlanda, the excellent Arlanda Express fast train service connects the airport to Stockholm Central Station every 12-15 minutes, traveling at over 200 km / h in maximum comfort.

Stockholm is a beautiful city and this manifesting beauty concur several factors:

  • The geographical location articulated between archipelago and mainland , communicating with the sea through a complex network of fjords that offers a plurality of views and panoramas and the omnipresence of the water element.
  • The great abundance of urban and metropolitan green rich in majestic trees, a tradition of monarchical capital that has enriched the city with palaces and monuments.
  • The high civic sense of citizens that keeps it well cared for.
  • The typically Scandinavian propensity for architecture and design that has made it look rational and modern.
  • The climate that often offers clear days and clear skies and is much less rigid thanmig ht think.

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